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Fiddle leaf fig Fiddle leaf fig Fiddle leaf fig Fiddle leaf fig Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig


Add some nature

Adding plants to the home has been proven to be beneficial in many ways. From purifying the air, visually enhancing your room to reducing stress and noise levels, plants make a wonderful home addition.
Welcome the house plant of the moment, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Offering huge fiddle-shaped leaves, this beautiful evergreen plant not only adds impact to the home, but it purifies air too – magic!


This eye-catching arrangement contains the following:


Just so you know...

The Ficus Lyrata requires a special kind of light to thrive and grow into a large mature plant. Indirect sunlight is best. Placing your Lyrata near a window or skylight will ensure it has enough light to remain healthy in your environment. Avoid any direct sunlight, as it could stunt it’s growth or even kill the plant. You will quickly notice your Lyrata will tend to bend and reach towards the light. Rotate the plant so it needs to bend the opposite way. Your Fiddle Leaf Fig requires water to survive. However, too much water will kill it. The best practice is to stick your fingers a few inches into the soil to see how dry or wet it is. If the soil is dry a few inches down, go ahead and water your Lyrata. If you feel that the soil is moist, hold off on watering until the soil is dry. Do not let your Lyrata sit in water for more than a day or two. Watering with room temperature or lukewarm water is best. The ideal temperature for your Lyrata to live in is 15º- 30ºC.Wiping down your Lyrata is a MUST! Those big leafs do a great job of collecting dust, which can prevent the plant from absorbing sunlight and key nutrients. Using a damp cloth, wipe down the leaves on your Lyrata once a month.